InTune-Living is a spirituality-based coaching company that helps women land aligned and fulfilling jobs by:

– Gaining career clarity –

– Deepening their spirituality –

– Overcoming limiting beliefs that stand in the way –

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I’ve created this space to help women get in alignment with their goals and desires by taking daily action towards a more fulfilling life and career! 

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InTune-Living Podcast, Shawnell Miller

Ep 45: Your Purpose Will Come Naturally To You!

If you feel lost or confused when it comes to your purpose. This episode is for you. Today we’ll dive into questions you can ask yourself that will draw you close to your assignment! Hint Hint* Your purpose will be aligned with whatever comes naturally to you. If you...

EP 44: 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently about how much my mindset has grown. There’s something so special about celebrating the growth of your mindset. The world makes us believe that material growth is the only growth that matters. That’s so far from...

Ep 43: Triggers & The Ways We Protect Ourselves

This podcast episode i’m sharing some of the ways in which i’ve set up walls to protect myself. We’ll also chat about the importance of being aware of your triggers and how to reframe them. Whew… I’m sharing parts of myself that’s...