EP 44: 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts That Will Change Your Life

I’ve been reflecting a lot recently about how much my mindset has grown. There’s something so special about celebrating the growth of your mindset. The world makes us believe that material growth is the only growth that matters. That’s so far from the truth! 

In todays episode. I share 3 powerful mindset shifts that have changed the way I move in this world. 

If this episode resonated with you. This is the exact type of coaching I do. We’ll work on uncovering what’s blocking you. Trust me once you see it.. You can’t unsee it! Book a free alignment call with me today! 

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I’m Shawnell

Here you’ll hear stories from myself and other amazing women who decided to take a leap of faith, build their endurance and get more InTune to become the women they were created to be! We’ll open up a dialog around mindset, healing past traumas, faith/spirituality, relationships, motherhood, the entrepreneurial journey, and much more!!