You Are More Than A Resume- Minicourse

Do you feel like everyone around you has found their purpose?

They are walking a path that feels effortless. They know what they want and exactly how to get it. They’ve developed tools that help them along their career journey.

But here’s the truth about finding your purpose:

Purpose is one part belief and one part action.

You may be taking all the action in the world. Applying to countless jobs and getting nowhere.

You’re frustrated, angry, lost and becoming defeated by your purpose.

The weight of rejection can keep you stuck… Trust me, I know.

The good news is… when you develop your own foundational tools to overcome the fear of rejection, procrastination and overwhelm.

Life will start to happen for you, not to you.

This applies to your resume and job search journey as well.

Here's the Tea...

I don’t believe the positions you are applying for aren’t a good fit.

I know you are just lacking the confidence and resume structure that attracts ideal opportunities.

That’s where this mini course comes in!!

This course is here to provide you with the resume foundation so that you can bypass that oh so picky applicant tracking system.

But we won’t stop there.

Whats the point in having a bomb resume if your still hurting and broken inside.

How you feel about yourself and the beliefs you are holding onto. Positive or negative… Those thoughts will transfer right into your resume and every other area of your life for that matter.

In this mini course. I’ll guide you towards getting realigned in your

Purpose + Career!

We’ll discuss mindset work that will help transform your career alignment along with journal prompts for deeper self awareness.

You’ll learn how to effectively communicate your strengths and gifts into an ATS friendly resume.

I want this process to be effortless for you. So as a bonus you’ll receive a resume template and full demo on how to tailor your resume. 

This course is a perfect blend of practical and spiritual!

I can’t wait to see you inside!