The Career Alignment 3-Month Program

The Career Alignment

The Career Alignment 3-Month Program


3-Month Program

This program is for you if…
  • You’re sick of being undervalued in your current position
  • You have no idea what career path to take but you know your being called for something more impactful
  • You want to identify your God given gifts and how to apply them in your current or next career
  • You struggle with any of the following areas: Resume, Interviewing, Messaging/Brand, Networking or Salary Negotiations
What We'll Explore

Uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from finding work that lights up your soul

Develop a powerful vision for how you would like to use your gifts to be in service to others and how that can impact the quality of your life

Discover which day-to-day habits are are keeping you from being able to see a different future…and what to do about it

Get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to begin taking action on cultivating the work and life of your dream

Client Testimonials

Shawnell Miller has really been a Godsend and I’m thankful for her expertise and advice each week. She has helped to not only build my confidence in such a difficult time but also motivate me to reach higher and not sell myself short. I am extremely grateful to have her in my corner.

Filecellia S.

“Shawnell’s coaching and deep dive into my innate skill sets and assets really turned the corner in my career search. I was stuck in a career where I felt like I was not growing … I was stagnant. Performing work outside of my job description yet not recognized in Title or pay. In a few yet impactful conversations with Shawnell I was able to modify my resume showcasing all I do day in and day out allowing me to correctly highlight my 18 years in sales and leadership. It goes without saying that without Shawnell’s coaching I would not be in this beautiful leadership position I am in today. I finally can develop my team to be strong leaders where they can enact change and feel pride in the work they do.

I am eternally grateful and wish each and everyone reading this will take advantage of the opportunity to work with her, she has a gift that allows you to recognize gifts of your own and that is priceless.”

Shamin W.

I could not speak more highly about the sessions I had with Shawnell! Shawnell never ceased to make me feel comfortable while talking to her. From our first session, I felt at ease to open up to her. She had a very calming demeanor and opened my eyes to goals I didn’t even know I had. With her guidance, I was able to clearly see what I wanted both from our time together but also what I wanted to gain from my life and what goals I needed to make to get myself there. She always took what I had to say with such compassion. She made me and my feelings feel validated and helped me work through a lot of emotions. Since our sessions, I have continued to instill the valuable tools Shawnell has given me to create the life I want. I highly recommend Shawnell as a life coach.  I have made such huge changes in my life due to her help and guidance. I am more confident in myself and am driven more than ever to make my goals and dreams a reality. I know that without her help and encouragement I would be in the same place I was before our journey together, and I am so thankful that is not the case. I am so happy I took the step to better my life with Shawnell.

Sydney S.

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