Ep 42: Letting Go Experiment, Building Up Walls of Protection, and Opening Our Hearts

The process of letting go is so freeing once you understand the beauty on the other side. I know what it feels like to build up walls to protect yourself. But I’m here to tell you. You don’t have to build up walls in order to heal. We actually need to do the complete opposite and let go of the things that trigger us. In this week’s podcast episode, I’ll share my current experimentation with letting go. I believe our hearts want to stay open and it’s only in our awareness that we are able to decide we’re no longer going to close our hearts. 
I’d love to hear your perspective on this topic! Send me a message to share what resonated with you the most. 
“Life is your greatest teacher to bring to awareness the impressions we’re trying to push away or cling to” – Michael Singer 
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I’m Shawnell

Here you’ll hear stories from myself and other amazing women who decided to take a leap of faith, build their endurance and get more InTune to become the women they were created to be! We’ll open up a dialog around mindset, healing past traumas, faith/spirituality, relationships, motherhood, the entrepreneurial journey, and much more!!