Ep 22: Are You Going to a Job That Doesn’t Value You. It’s Time to Make a Career Change.

Happy Labor Day! I hope you had a great long break from work. 
I have a question though… Are you actually happy? I know that’s the normal thing to say on a holiday. “Happy Labor Day… Happy New Year.. Happy Happy Happy. This day is to honor the achievement and contributions of its workers. However.. How many of you are going back to a job that doesn’t seem to value your achievements and contributions any other day? That’s why Labor Day should be treated like New years when it comes to career goal setting! 
In this episode I share a few questions you should be asking yourself if you are dreading going back to work after the holiday break!
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I’m Shawnell

Here you’ll hear stories from myself and other amazing women who decided to take a leap of faith, build their endurance and get more InTune to become the women they were created to be! We’ll open up a dialog around mindset, healing past traumas, faith/spirituality, relationships, motherhood, the entrepreneurial journey, and much more!!

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